Move goes international, bringing Europe together

Recently Wyvern Academy, a Move Centre of Excellence, hosted a visit from the Move Austria Team and Hugo Kukelhaus Schule in Germany.

Pauline prepares for her latest extreme fundraising adventure

Pauline, a receptionist at Enham Trust, has decided to add to her impressive fundraising challenge list, by signing up to our Everest Base Camp trek! Below she tells us her story.

6 Benefits of using The Move Programme for Head Control

For children with more significant physical disabilities, The Move Programme can have dramatic effects on independence, movement and communication. For many of these children, this is through setting Move goals focused on improving head control.

Heatherwood School tell us their journey so far

Heatherwood School in Doncaster is a community special school for children between 3 and 19 years old who have severe learning difficulties and additional profound and complex physical and medical needs.

Why Matt works for Enham Trust

I joined Enham Trust because I have always been passionate about the charity sector and helping other people. I learned during my Sociology degree that working for organisations that give back to society, is something I wanted to pursue.

Nancy's student placement at Enham Trust

For the last six months I have been working with the Income Generation Team here at Enham Trust on a student placement from the University of Winchester. When I first joined, I didn’t know too much about Enham Alamein as a village, and the charity itself, however I have learned a lot since.

Success at the Eastleigh Skills2Achieve centre

November 2017 saw Eastleigh open a new Skills2Achieve centre- this was originally a small provision but over the last two months it has grown and therefore added an additional teaching room.


The Hugo-Kükelhaus-Schule is an all age special school for cognition and learning in Leverkusen near Cologne in Germany. The school provides individualised learning for pupils with complex learning and mobility difficulties as well as autistic disorders.

Why Louise enjoys living and working at Enham Trust

Louise came to Enham Trust in 1999, and heard of the charity from previously being at Treloar College. Louise began living in Cedar Park when she first arrived, however, moved to Weston Court in 2005, to more independent living.

Scott enjoys a successful start to training/working in the Enham Trust Café

Scott has been at Enham Trust for 6 months now, and has recently joined the Radio Enham team, which he enjoys a lot! But Scott was also looking for something different; an opportunity to develop his skills even further, and meet new people.

Why Madeleine works for Enham Trust

I was inspired to join Enham Trust when I met Stephenie Slatcher whilst working for my previous employer; Steph made a great impression on me as someone extremely committed and skilled at her job.

5 easy ways to give to charity this Christmas

With the long awaited Christmas countdown in full swing; Christmas decorations adorning every desk, and mince pies frequenting our lunch breaks, Christmas is officially on our minds, and all we can talk about around the water-cooler.

Kwabena Graduates!

Cherry Garden recently held a Graduation Ceremony for one of their stars of The Move Programme, Kwabena Yeboah.

Why Zoe chooses to work at Enham Trust

I started working for Enham Trust in 2011, as a PA on a bank contract. Since joining the Trust, I have met some really incredible people; providing me with constant inspiration.

Why Chloe works for Enham Trust

I first heard about Enham Trust back in 2010, when as part of my work experience at school, I was invited to come and work with the fundraising team for a week.

Joshua's story

"The support we’ve received from Enham Trust has made everything easy for us, especially around employer responsibilities and legal obligations therein."

Why Heath works at Enham Trust

"It’s an absolute privilege to be part of an organisation that truly lives its values, lots of places claim to be person centred, but what you discover on speaking to people who work at Enham Trust is that no matter what area they work in, they have one thing in common, they want to make things better."

Why Charlotte works at Enham Trust

"I’ve been working at Enham Trust for nearly a year and half, and every single day is different, motivating and exciting."

Hamish enjoys a day out!

Hamish is one of the many residents that live onsite here at Enham Trust; he lives in William House along with his best friend Lucy. Just like other residents, Hamish likes to get out and do new and exciting things.

Why corporate volunteering is so important to us…

There are so many different ways that corporate volunteering helps us here at Enham Trust. Giving up just a few hours of your time, allows us to be able to focus on making sure our charity is the best it can be.


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