MOVE Programme

Course overview

MOVE Practitioner and Senior Practitioner training will provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to start the MOVE Programme and embed it into your organisation. The training takes place over 2 days with a MOVE Associate Trainer, delivering a bespoke course in your setting on dates that suit you.

Course structure

Day 1: Practitioner Training (for up to 20 members of staff). This training day provides attendees with all the information and skills they need to begin practically using the MOVE Programme in your setting.

Objectives of Day 1:

  • To understand the key ideas, philosophy and ethos of the MOVE Programme
  • To discover how the MOVE Programme makes a difference for disabled young people and their families
  • To be able to practically use the 6 Steps of the MOVE Programme 

Day 2: Senior Practitioner Training (for up to 8 members of staff who completed Day 1). This is a more intensive day where attendees develop a deeper understanding of the MOVE Assessment system, practice these Assessments with case studies and begin to put together a MOVE Action Plan for your setting.

Objectives of Day 2:

  • To fully understand and be able to use the MOVE Assessment Profile for each step of the MOVE Programme
  • To be able to complete an Assessment and Prompt Adjustment Plan for a specific individual within your organisation, enabling you to organise and lead Assessment Meetings
  • To have a draft of a MOVE Action Plan complete, enabling you to take the lead on the MOVE Programme in your setting

When deciding which members of staff to send on Senior Practitioner training, please consider the below:

  • Practitioners (Day 1) will be staff members who work regularly with the individuals on the MOVE Programme.
  • Senior Practitioners (Days 1 and 2) will be staff members taking the lead on the MOVE Programme.
  • If your organisation employs therapy staff, it is recommended that they attend both days of training.

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