MOVE Practitioner and Senior Practitioner training will provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to embed the programme into your school. The training takes place over two days with a MOVE Trainer delivering a bespoke course in your setting on dates that suit you;

Day 1: Practitioner Training (for up to 20 members of staff)

This training day provides delegates with all the information and skills they need on the philosophy and concepts of The MOVE Programme, so that they can begin using it in their setting.

Objectives of Day 1:

  • Understand the key ideas, philosophy and ethos of the MOVE Programme
  • Find out how the programme makes a difference for children, young people and their families
  • Be able to use the six steps of the MOVE Programme in your future work

Day 2: Senior Practitioner Training (for up to 8 members of staff from the Practitioner Training)

This is more of an in-depth, intensive, workshop day, where delegates can develop a deeper understanding of the MOVE assessment system and practice these assessments with case studies of individuals in your own setting. Time will also be spent on developing an action plan for beginning to embed the programme in your way of working.

Objectives of Day 2:

  • Fully understand and be able to use the MOVE Assessment Profile for each step of programme
  • Be able to complete an assessment and prompt adjustment plan for a specific individual within your school, enabling you to organise and lead assessment meetings
  • Prepare a draft MOVE action plan, enabling you to take the lead on the MOVE Programme in your setting

Practitioners are usually those that work regularly with the individuals who you believe will benefit from MOVE. Senior Practitioners will be the members of staff identified to take the lead on the MOVE Programme within your setting. It is ideal to have therapy staff attend each day.

Upcoming courses

We currently do not have any courses scheduled. If you would like to see a training course in your area, please contact us.