MOVE Programme

Our membership offer helps you maximise the benefits of the MOVE Programme. Join our growing community of education and healthcare organisations who use the MOVE Programme to improve outcomes for the disabled individuals they support.

What are the benefits of becoming a MOVE Member organisation?
  • Access to our online resource area, which contains over 100 documents written by MOVE experts
  • Access to discounted open Practitioner and Senior Practitioner Training courses
  • Access to informal support from the MOVE Europe Office and MOVE experts from Centres of Excellence across the country
  • Access to formal support services, such as Support Days, MOVE Health Checks and further MOVE Training
  • Invitations to the annual MOVE Conference, Regional Network Meetings and Open Days
  • The ability to promote the MOVE Programme as part of your organisation's offer
  • The rights to copy the contents of MOVE materials for internal use
  • Regular updates from the MOVE Europe Office through our e-newsletter
How does my organisation become a MOVE Member?

To become a MOVE Member you must have received Senior Practitioner Training. If your organisation books in-house Senior Practitioner Training, your first year of MOVE Membership is included in the price of training. If you book staff onto Senior Practitioner Training at an external organisation, MOVE Membership is an additional cost.

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