Recently Wyvern Academy, a Move Centre of Excellence, hosted a visit from the Move Austria Team and Hugo Kukelhaus Schule in Germany. The visit was arranged as part of an Erasmus funded project, enabling the both teams to visit both Wyvern Academy and Fiveways School to observe how The Move Programme is delivered in the UK.

Here Sue Marshall, Move Coordinator for Wyvern Academy, shares the success of the visit;

“Wyvern Academy is an Outstanding Centre of Excellence for the Move Programme. We recently hosted a visit from a school in Germany where staff from the Hugo Kukelhaus Schule in Cologne, for two days in May 2018.

“The group from Germany consisted of the deputy head, class teachers and support staff. The group spent time in the classrooms meeting with our teachers, Move Practitioners and pupils; they also observed the Move Trainer working with pupils in the Move room. They were shown case studies and video footage of pupils participating and progressing through the programme.

“Wyvern Academy has established The Move Programme over a number of years, and the Move philosophy is well integrated into our curriculum and practice. We have a high number of Move Practitioners distributed across the school, with a Move Champion in each classroom.

“Wyvern Academy also has a Move room that is used for teaching and the acquisition stage of skill development. Individual pupils on the programme are timetabled to access the room during the school day. The Move room has specialist equipment that supports the teaching of skills, where pupils are motivated to learn through meaningful activities.

“We really enjoyed hosting the visit and sharing Move practices. It was also great to listen and learn from our visitors’ experience of Move too. We hope that the visit has inspired them to develop the programme within their school, and to become a Centre of Excellence too!

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