MOVE Programme

Looking for a parent's perspective on MOVE? Hannah is a MOVE student at Brookfields School in Reading, and her mum Carolina has a lot to say about how MOVE has enabled Hannah grow her skills and her confidence!

"I think the MOVE Programme's been so positive, such a positive impact on Hannah's life and us a family"

Since being on MOVE, Hannah has done things that her family never thought possible, like using a walker and taking her first steps! This has had a tremendous impact on family life. Hannah can now join in more, particularly with her two sisters, which in Carolina's words "makes us a family".

Carolina would recommend the MOVE Programme as a great opportunity for families because not only can it be tailored to your child's needs, but it can show you how much more your child can be capable of! The positive impact felt by Hannah and her family are the reason we do what we do here at MOVE.

We would love to hear more family stories just like Carolina and Hannah's.