MOVE Programme

MOVE Day is an event where our schools take time to celebrate the achievements of everybody involved in the MOVE Programme, from participants who have worked so hard to learn new skills to parents and staff who have tirelessly supported them.

One of the purposes of MOVE Day is for all participants to show off the sitting, standing and walking skills that they have learnt on the programme. Every year, a theme is chosen so that our schools can celebrate in the most creative and fun ways. This year, the theme was ‘The Fairytale of MOVE’… so think Goldilocks sitting in the three bears’ chairs, Jack climbing a beanstalk and Dorothy walking down the yellow brick road.

Every year our schools enter the MOVE Day competition for the chance to win a £500 Jiraffe voucher to spend on a piece of equipment of their choice. Thank you to all of the schools that took part for sending in your photos and descriptions of all the fun you had. We are also grateful to many of you that sent in donations from the activities you held.

Judging of the event is based on the following criteria and the winning school;

  • Provided a range of activities, not only for the children to have fun but to practice their movement skills learnt through the MOVE Programme
  • Demonstrated how the school embraced the theme
  • Provided information about the event and its planning by completing the feedback form
  • Incorporated some fundraising activities

It was a very close event this year; however after much consideration we are pleased to announce that the winners of MOVE Day 2019 are…Watergate School!

Watergate School held an entire MOVE Week this year! Activities included a fairy tale theme park where children used their MOVE skills to access a whole host of activities, a fairy hunt in the sensory garden, a Mad Hatter’s tea party and a MOVE award ceremony where parents and staff joined to celebrate everyone’s achievements on the programme, all done against the backdrop of beautifully decorated Fairy Tale classrooms.

Pupils also took part in sponsored activities throughout the week raising a fantastic total of £681.00 for MOVE. This included sponsored walks, runs in walkers and sitting. One child, Dang Ly, whose goal is to sit on a standard chair in a restaurant with his family, raised over £100 by sitting on a chair independently for over 30 minutes at the Mad Hatter’s tea party; the first time he had managed to do so and a truly incredible achievement that embodies everything we believe in at MOVE.

Congratulations to all involved and enjoy your £500 Jiraffe voucher. A massive thank you to Jiraffe for your ongoing support.