For 6 year old Milly, who has Downs Syndrome and a visual impairment, The MOVE Programme from Enham Trust has been truly life changing.

Here, Milly’s mother Jo tells their story:

Before Milly started on The MOVE Programme from Enham Trust her overall mobility was very limited; she couldn’t walk unaided, she could only stand for a few seconds and was very unsteady, and her muscle tone was very poor.

Milly has faltering growth and is very small for her age – she also has hypermobility which, combined with her growth, can make reaching basic milestones challenging. We, as her parents, weren’t sure if she would ever walk or stand properly.

However, once Milly began The MOVE Programme, we instantly saw a dramatic change, not only in her posture and strength, but also her muscle development, and – most of all – her confidence. It was truly amazing.

Milly became stronger and more confident which in turn gave her the ability to learn, play, and interact with her sisters at home, and her peers at school. Then, she was able to become more vocal and become more independent.

In all aspects of her life, Milly has gained so much from The MOVE Programme; from being able to sit and be seated (in order to do just about everything!), to walking, then onto walking unaided, and now moving onto stairs & steps – all giving her the scope to be independent.

I cannot begin to express how much this has made a positive impact on our lives – it’s something that we thought may not have been within our reach – Milly is now climbing, standing, and walking, giving her the movement to develop all of her learning and abilities.

I can honestly say every moment of every milestone Milly’s met has been overwhelming; to see Milly walk into school, walk out in the Christmas play, stepping onto a step - and actually loving the fact she can do it! – it’s been truly overwhelming and I cannot thank the staff at Perseid School enough. I am forever indebted to them for their hard work and dedication – Riana, Sarah, and all of Milly’s teachers. Amazing!

It seems so easy to say eventually it would happen – but for us it was uncertainty and a fear of not having the right help, and direction. Of course, we do our best as parents at home, but The MOVE Programme from Enham Trust and the school primarily are the reason our daughter is able to be free in life, music and movement.

Thank you.

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