Kian is a pupil from Drummond School in Scotland who has recently graduated from the MOVE Programme.

We have been lucky enough to receive this video made by staff at Drummond, which documents Kian's progress through the programme.

Here, his mum Colene explains how far Kian has come;

'Kian was enrolled on the MOVE Programme in November 2017. At that time, Kian used to get around by crawling. He was able to sit up unaided, and could also weight bear with support for very short spells, although he did not weight bear when using his gait trainer; preferring to sit on the saddle and use his feet to scoot along.'

'Kian’s mobility progressively developed once he was on the programme. He gradually became stronger and was able to weight bear for longer, which helped greatly with transitions and changing purposes. This made a huge difference, as it meant he no longer needed to lie on bathroom floors in public toilets for changing.'

'Kian is now fully mobile within the home. The biggest change in our home life is we no longer have to carry Kian from A to B. Now that his mobility has improved so much, Kian really enjoys walking all over the field at the park, and climbing up steps to go down the slide.'

'The MOVE Programme has helped to change our lives in so many ways. Watching Kian develop through the programme has been incredible. He has achieved so many things we didn’t know would ever be possible. It meant the world to us to see Kian taking his first steps in 2018 – a moment we will cherish forever!'

'Kian’s journey on the MOVE Programme has shocked us all. He has achieved so much in such a short space of time. We are so grateful to everyone who has been involved, and for their hard work and dedication in helping Kian achieve these life-changing skills.'