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Meet Andrew

“My name is Andy Meek and I am Employment Manager within the Employment and Skills team at Enham Trust. I have worked here for over two and a half years”.

Make a difference

Andy Meak tells us what it's like to work at Enham Trust As a child I dreamt of being a pilot, as an adult I have certainly flown in another direction.

I wanted to work in a field where I could make a difference and at Enham Trust I am doing just that. I discovered the charity through their website and was drawn to apply for the position because I believed that by working at Enham Trust I could contribute to supporting people.  With the job offer, I was really happy to be given the opportunity to get involved.

Every day at work is different, each day brings a new opportunity to help more people to gain the skills and experience to get a job - or to stay in one.

I manage four contracts consisting of twelve members of staff that support over 700 clients looking to gain or maintain employment. The contracts I manage cover Eastleigh, Winchester, Newbury and Andover areas and I liaise with external agencies in London and Portsmouth.  No two days are the same in this role; I might be attending an unemployment conference in London, a contract review meeting in Newbury, a potential new business opportunity meeting in Oxford or liaising with our Learning and Development Specialist for potential team training development.

Passion for positive outcomes

I am very fortunate to be supported by such a strong team to manage our four contracts, they are on top of every piece of information I need - sometimes even before I know I need it! With the team working across a host of outreach sites it is essential that they can independently take ownership of their day-to-day work. I am constantly impressed by the drive and passion that my team show to support clients to meet their personal goals, as well as supporting each other, in what is a challenging but rewarding line of work.

I am passionate about supporting each client and making sure I put every ounce of effort into getting a positive outcome for every individual.

Individual challenges

My own role encompasses a wide range of challenges and opportunities that I hadn’t experienced before; from individual performance management to concerns about client bedding. I have learnt that my own decisions really do have an impact on the business I work in and the people we support.

Working at Enham Trust has certainly given me more awareness of the individual challenges people face day-to-day. I have a new perspective with people I come into contact with in my personal life. I now realise there are many invisible barriers and challenges that other people face, making me more aware and considerate as to what’s under the surface of a person.

“Give it a go”

I would encourage anyone to come and join the team at Enham Trust- whether as an employee or a volunteer “give it a go and be part of making a difference.”

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