Heatherwood School in Doncaster is a community special school for children between 3 and 19 years old who have severe learning difficulties and additional profound and complex physical and medical needs.

Heatherwood School had MOVE Senior Practitioner Training from The MOVE Programme in November 2017. They have already noticed the difference it has made, not just to the children on the programme but also to the staff working there!

Here, Sam MacDonald, Teacher at Heatherwood School, tells their story so far:

“We had MOVE Senior Practitioner Training back in November 2017. The MOVE Programme course was very well thought out and delivered to an extremely high standard. The Trainer was very knowledgeable about MOVE and how best it supports the people accessing it.”

What we did after the course

“Following the course, our first step was to inform parents about The MOVE Programme. We sent out a presentation to all parents informing them of what MOVE is and how it will make a difference to their child’s life.

“Next, we identified a trial group of pupils to start on The MOVE Programme, and then these pupils were shared with the physiotherapists and OTs to check they would be okay to begin the programme.

“Initially, we decided that each MOVE Senior Practitioner would be allocated one child. For each child, MOVE goals have been discussed as a team and set in pupils’ annual reviews in order to ensure as much multi-agency collaboration as possible. So far, there are 11 children on the programme and our aim is to have 16 pupils in total by the summer!”

What we’ve noticed so far in the children

“We have already noticed improvements in the core strength of many children. The MOVE Programme has ensured that pupils are given numerous meaningful opportunities to practise skills which will assist them in reaching their end goal. We found when we did assessments that most pupils need to work on their core strength as a starting place in order to become more independent. The pupils on the programme have shown great willingness to try new things and are motivated to become as independent as possible.

“As an example, one young person’s end goal is to stand independently to transfer chairs. So far, the young person is able to complete a physically prompted sit to stand for around 5 seconds.”

What we’ve noticed so far in the staff

“The biggest change has been to look at how we can ensure the pupils’ tasks have as many opportunities to become as independent as possible. Teachers have been planning even better for the pupils, taking into consideration what skills they can work on that will be meaningful for their lives.”

Recommending The MOVE Programme

We would 100% recommend The MOVE Programme to other schools!

“The MOVE Programme is something that can transform the lives of disabled people both young and old. Schools have the best opportunity to start young people on a journey of life long independence. MOVE offers a model and structure, which is simple to follow but effective. The fact that MOVE promotes multi-agency working means it will fit into the work that schools already do.”

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