Jo started her volunteering role in August 2016

Meet Jo

Last year, over 170 volunteers, including corporate volunteers, made an incredible £250,000 contribution to our work here at Enham Trust, simply by giving us a couple of hours of their time. That’s a quarter of a million pounds worth of support we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

That’s why our volunteers mean so much to us; enabling and empowering us to support as many disabled people as possible to live independently.

Jo started volunteering for Enham back in August 2016, hoping to get back into a work mind-set after taking a break to start a family. She thought Enham was the perfect place to volunteer her time, helping a good cause, while developing her personal skills at the same time, and she quickly found herself employed by Enham just 2 months in to her role.

Here she tells us her story, and why she chose volunteering at Enham Trust:

“Just before I came to Enham I had been working hard for years, so I decided that I wanted to take a short career break, and most importantly focus my time on my family.”

“Once I had taken this break, I started looking for employment again, and decided to start looking at the Job Centre in Andover town centre.

“They strongly advised I try my hand at some volunteering, at Enham Trust, which is something I have always wanted to do, so it was a ‘no brainer’!”

“The thing I loved about volunteering was the fact you could come in, get on with work and learn so many new skills from the wonderful people around you, without any pressure that a full time job might have. It gave me the chance to learn and get back in a working routine again.”

“I started volunteering for Enham Trust in August 2016, it was a new role for me doing HR and Admin work, which I really enjoyed doing, and wanted to start a new career in. So you could imagine how happy I was when I found out in October 2016, just 2 months into my volunteering role, that there was an opportunity for me to work in my role on a salary.”

“Volunteering at Enham Trust has helped give me confidence to start work again, and in a different role to what I was doing before.

“It has also taught me a lot of new skills, and the fact I get to work while supporting people at a charity is feels fantastic.”



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