Disabled people say

1 in 4 do not have choice and control in daily life

Say Yes, to volunteering with Enham Trust

Make a difference in your area by volunteering for Enham Trust

Build up your CV, learn new skills, and make a difference to lives of disabled people in your town by volunteering.

Volunteering for Enham Trust is a great way to build up your CV, and develop new skills whilst making a positive, tangible difference to the lives of disabled people, and those who require extra support, in your area.

Here at Enham Trust, we’re proud to support 6,500 disabled people living across the country to live as independently as possible; a figure that keeps on growing, year after year.

But we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the unwavering commitment of our passionate volunteers, giving us the precious gift of their spare time to ensure we can continue our work.

Last year, over 170 volunteers, including corporate volunteers, made an incredible £250,000 contribution to our work, simply by giving us a couple of hours of their time. That’s a quarter of a million pounds worth of support we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

And how did they support us? In a variety of ways that suited not only us, and the disabled people we support, but themselves and their own individual situations…

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