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Your regular support can ensure we have the right tools and facilities to give thousands of disabled people living across the country choice and control over their daily lives.

The importance of regular giving

By giving a regular gift to Enham Trust, not only are you supporting thousands of disabled people to gain independence, choice and control over their lives, but you’re supporting these people to make new friends, learn essential life skills, and achieve positive mental health and wellbeing throughout the entirety of their time with us.

Here at Enham Trust, we’re proud to support as many disabled people as we do in their journey to independence, touching every area of each of our customer’s lives to ensure they achieve everything they set their mind to, no matter how big or small their ambition; from living in their own accessible home to finding sustained employment or employing their own support staff.

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Your regular support makes a difference

Thanks to the support of our donors, an incredible 250,000 disabled people to date, since we first opened our doors almost 100 years ago, have been supported to achieve their goals and desires; that’s a quarter of a million people whose lives we have positively changed.

But, we can’t help but feel there’s still so much more to do, and so many more people that need our support.

We won’t stop until every single person living with a disability in our country has the power to say ‘Yes!’ to every opportunity they’re faced with, and feels empowered to take control over their own journey.

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