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5 ways to be a handbag hero

Have a handbag you love but no longer use? An unwanted Christmas present from a distant relative you hardly ever see? A lonely old handbag sat on its own in the back of your wardrobe? Or just need an excuse to have some friends round for dinner and a bit of a giggle?

Whatever your handbag-hand, Enham Trust has the solution! If you’d love to help and donate your unwanted handbags to our wonderful cause, but are unsure of how, or want to get others on board to help, here are our 5 ways to be a Handbag Hero, have some fun, and ensure our disabled clients continue to live as independently as possible.

1.) Hold a handbag hootenanny!

Let’s face it, we all love a party, and collecting old handbags to donate to Enham Trust is the perfect excuse for such an indulgence; so why not get some friends round with their unused handbags, get the nibbles out, the wine flowing, and hold yourself a handbag hootenanny!?

2.) Don’t be afraid to be ‘that guy’ in the office

Hey, we all know that one person in the office who’s always involved in some honourable, crazy scheme to raise funds for a cause close to their heart – whether it be a Marathon, a 10,000ft skydive, or a head shave (who doesn’t like a good head shaving for charity? – we certainly do!) – and there’s no reason why you, just this once, can’t be ‘that guy’ who helps us by collecting all your colleagues old, unwanted handbags, and brings them to one of our many drop off points in your area.

3.) Get raiding those wardrobes

Whether it’s yours, your Mum’s, your Nan’s, your partner’s, or your BFF’s; we don’t mind who’s wardrobe you go Indiana Jones on, just do it! Get raiding those wardrobes and rescuing those sad old handbags no-one’s using – even the dusty one sat right at the back of your Grandma’s dresser that no-one’s seen since Great Aunt Elsie’s wedding of 1976! Whatever, wherever, simply bring them to us and we’ll give them a loving new home…

4.) Go retro and get texting

With today’s communication ruled by various Social Media platforms, apps, email, and anything else connected to the Wi-Fi, texting has become a bit ‘2006’; but texting is a great way to get people’s attention, and show your friends and family that you’re not completely addicted to the wonders of the internet – text 10 friends and ask them (very nicely, of course!) to join you in donating their unloved handbags to Enham Trust. You could be surprised with the response…!

5.) Share on Social Media

If you are addicted to the wonders of the internet after all, and can’t bear the thought of being away from it for more than the time it takes to send a text (we don’t judge, we’ve all been there, the internet is great!), then we’ve made it super easy for you to share your involvement and tell all your friends on Facebook that you’re a Handbag Hero, encouraging them to join in, too. Just right click and save the image above and share it on facebook with this link

So whatever you choose, however you get involved, be a Handbag Hero for Enham Trust today and help us to ensure we can continue our vital work – supporting 7,500 disabled and disadvantaged people every year across the country to live lives of choice, control and independence.

You could even go the extra mile and display posters in our local community to get other people onboard.

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