Say yes, to wearing Denim 4 Enham

Denim 4 Enham

Wear your Denim 4 Enham

Wearing your denim and making a donation will help to change the lives of the disabled people we support at Enham Trust.

Dress down on a Friday, every Friday (or for that matter any day of the week). Then collect a pound from each participant and donate your funds to Enham Trust - it's simple!

You could even challenge your company to match your donations or do a non unifrom day at school.

Jeans, jackets, skirt, shirts, dresses, hats or even boots - as long as it's made of denim wear it with pride and support Enham.

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Denim 4 Enham – Top Tips for a Great Day!

Denim 4 Enham is a fun and easy way to raise funds for our vital cause; just wear your favourite pair of jeans to work or school, and donate £1 to Enham Trust! It couldn’t be simpler (and hey, let’s be honest, we all love getting out of uniform occasionally, right!?).

But, if you’d like to go a bit further and do something more with our Denim 4 Enham campaign, here are some tips and ideas for a great day…

1. Display our posters

We have created some bright and shiny posters for you to display in your schools and offices; download them today and take advantage of our wonderful design skills. They’ll do all the hard work of promoting the event for you!

Download Schools Poster

Download Work Place Poster

2. Don't just stop at one day!

There’s no reason why Denim 4 Enham should be restricted to one day. If the first day is a raving success, why not try a Denim 4 Enham Week? Denim’s great, it’s bound to catch on.

3. Get communicating

Spread the word; get as many people excited about Denim 4 Enham in your school or company as possible! Talk about it in your newsletters and internal communications prior to the day/week/series of days and get everyone energised! We have loads of interesting stories and news on our website that would get even the most torrid jean-hater inspired to wear some of the blue stuff.

4. Be regular

How about a Denim 4 Enham day once a month for a whole year? No-one can resist the urge to get out of their uniforms and into a comfy pair of jeans every so often. Well, at least we can’t!

5. Exchange and swap

For anyone looking for a bit more of a challenge (especially in an office environment!), you could ask your peers to bring in their old and unused denim – jeans, jackets, even their ropey old denim waistcoats, pre-1992 – to swap and exchange, all in the name of fun and for a small donation to our cause. One man’s rags are another man’s riches and all.

However you choose to take on Denim 4 Enham, you’ll be contributing greatly to our vital cause; supporting 7,500 disabled and disadvantaged people every year across the country to live lives of choice, control, and independence.

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