Job Ref: MB/MA | Permanent | Hampshire SO16 | Pay Rate £11ph | Closing Date: 30th Sept. 2021

Personal Care Assistant - Female
Hours Required: 11 hours per week
Hourly Rate: £11 per hour

Job Overview:
Personal and Social care job for a physically disabled woman who also needs support with her mental health. Job includes help with domestic chores, helping her to get out and about outside the home (Covid depending) and grocery shopping. Also to give emotional support, including listening and reassurance. More information will be supplied at the interview stage.

Client Biography:
Hey, my name is Melissa, I am 30 years old and live with my best friend and fat cat Oscar, although he never shuts up if he doesn’t get his own way, I always give in.
I have a passion for Doctor who, have collected every classic story there is and I get excited whenever there is new doctor who on and I drop everything to watch it.
I also love reading and writing fiction, mostly fantasy/sci-fi.
I am mostly a pc gamer, I built her myself, I see her as my baby but I do play on consoles too just not as much. I also Twitch stream which means I live stream myself playing video games and people watch me and the game I am playing online, which is a lot of fun and I am hoping to make some money from it someday.
When I am out and about, I love clothes shopping, get disappointed when things don’t fit me but a bit of retail therapy can really make my day when I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps.
I love a night out when the place is accessible and alternative or LGBT friendly, problem is not many places are both, not in Southampton anyway.
Sometimes it’s just nice to go out for coffee and chat with whomever I’m with, I’m quite chatty when I come out of my shell but at first, I’ll be a bit shy.
I’d like to travel outside of Southampton sometime in the future but I feel it’s hard but maybe someday.
Important things for me are a very clean flat and my personal hygiene, my make up (when I wear it) and hair to be on point, especially on special occasions, any tips and tricks are welcome.
An easy person to talk to, I sometimes find it hard when awkward silences happen, I always feel like I should say something when there is nothing to say.
I really like things that I have ordered, like my Doctor Who or Star Wars collection to stay ordered, I get a weird discomfort when things aren’t right.
But saying that you should see the state of my paperwork, it’s important that you remind me to order it or help me order it, which may take some time.
I am a very busy girl sometimes because there are some very big changes in my life going on at the moment, it is important that I get to various appointments and also give me some emotional support when things start to go awry.
Also, sometimes I just need reminding to wind down when I’m in busy mode, I find it hard to get a balance sometimes.
So that’s me I am quite an adventurous girl and I’m always into something new, I’d like to get more active in the near future and just get out and experience new things. I am always trying to stay positive and look ahead.

Ideal Candidate:
Melissa is looking for someone who is punctual, timing is very important as she gets very panicky when her routine is disrupted. Compassionate and a good listener as support for her mental health is vital to her well-being. You also must be LGBTQ friendly as you will understand more when you reach the interview stage. As a bonus she would like someone who is good at hair and beauty, but this isn’t strictly necessary.
She also needs someone who has a full driver’s license and owns a car suitable for transporting a folded wheelchair. She can transfer into passenger seat so the car doesn’t have to be too big.

Essential Criteria:
Type of experience required:
Mental health training.
An Enhanced Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) will be required the cost will be met by the employer
Length of experience required: 2 years
Full Driving Licence: Yes
Use of Own Car: Yes
Gender: Female
Language: English

To Apply:
To apply for this post, please submit a CV, or letter providing your name, tel. number, address & email address, qualifications, employment history to date – including: name of employer, job title, employment start & end date - for up to past 10 years i.e. from 2010 to 2020 and a statement explaining why you are applying for this job.

Please email CV to [email protected]

All interviews will take place at the location of the client.

If successful at interview an enhanced DBS check will take place. (Formerly CRB). Employment is dependent upon a satisfactory enhanced DBS certificate.
You must evidence that you have the right to work in the UK [A current passport showing that you are a British citizen, or that you have the right of abode in the United Kingdom. A document showing that you are a national of a European Economic Area country* or Switzerland].

As part of our Information Advice and Guidance Service Enham Trust supports disabled people to employ their own staff. This vacancy is not a role within Enham Trust but an excellent opportunity to work directly for one of our customers.