“Enham Trust is an important part of our heritage to support disabled people become more independent. The need to do this has not reduced over the last 100 years since we were created and every day the Trust is providing vital care and support that makes a difference”

Ben was born in Herefordshire in 1962. He attended King’s School Gloucester and Hereford Sixth Form College before graduating from Warwick University. He was commissioned with the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry and did his MBA at Cranfield Business School. He lives in Lyme Regis with Heidi, who is training for ordination, and has six children.

Ben has had a very successful commercial career - his first CEO role was the turnaround of Gladstone Plc where shareholders achieved a six-fold increase in value over 4 years. He was later selected for another turnaround at the charity DEBRA, (supporting those affected by the genetic skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)), and led the organisation for 12 years. He was profoundly moved by the suffering of the EB community and DEBRA was transformed from a small unknown charity that required restructuring, into a top 1,000 UK charity as turnover tripled. With the very successful growth of its Retail presence awareness grew to 15% of the UK population. The medical research program migrated from basic genetic understanding to the creation of 3 clinical trials with large investments made possible by the financial success; a national community care team was developed, and a strong partnership was created with the NHS.  This included significant additional staffing to enhance the quality of care with the integration of community support and the funding for the rare disease centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. DEBRA entered the pandemic with exceptionally strong financial reserves that had been built up over many years.

In terms of wider not for profit experience, Ben chaired the Charity Retail Association (CRA) which represents 11,000 UK Retail sites and 220,000 volunteers; was a Trustee, for 8 years, at a leading state school, and was on the Board of DEBRA International which is the affiliation of 50 Worldwide national DEBRA charities.