Disabled people are twice as likely to be inactive compared with non-disabled people, with common barriers including a lack of accessible facilities, financial constraints and transport issues*. We are determined to make change and give disabled people equal access to sport and leisure activities that benefit their health and wellbeing.

So...what are we doing about it?

We plan to build a new sports hall that will not only provide a physically accessible environment, but tailored sport and leisure activities that meet each individual's needs and abilities, creating a fully inclusive environment.

The sports hall will enable us to continue to provide our existing well-loved activities such as archery and boccia, but will also bring much needed space to trial new activities including wheelchair rugby, basketball and even boxing!

What’s the benefit?

Taking part in sports not only has health benefits, it is a great way so socialise, meet new people and grow in confidence.

Additionally, research suggests that regular physical activity could mean disabled people are less likely to rely on social care and health services due to improved health and resilience.

Our sports hall will provide a much-needed space for our local community, and disabled people from further afield who are unable to access traditional sport and leisure activities.

How can you help?

This much needed new sports hall won’t be possible without your support. We need to raise £80,000 to make it happen. Your donation, big or small will play a huge part in helping disabled people to have equal access to activities that most of us take for granted, you really will be making a difference.

Support our campaign and donate now

Thank You!

*Mencap 2017