Disabled people are twice as likely to be inactive when compared with non-disabled people* mainly because of a lack of accessible facilities, financial constraints and transport issues. Add to this that 1 in 5 people in the UK have a disability, these issues are likely to touch every community and the majority of families in some way.

Whilst new sports facilities have to provide access for disabled people, the activities available are not always suitable for those with more complex disabilities. We are determined to provide sports activities that are tailored to individual needs, ensuring equal opportunities to participate in sport, regardless of disability.

Sport provides crucial opportunities for those we support to socialise and make new friends, tackling the worrying levels of social isolation that disabled people are at risk of.Participation in sports also provides a range of benefits to mental health including increased confidence and self-esteem and reduced stress100% of people we support say regular sport will improve their physical healthOver three quarters of people we support say sport will help them live independently by increasing their movement and mobility

92% of the disabled people we support say they would regularly attend sports sessions if they were made more accessible

So – we are going to act now!

We plan to refurbish an existing building into a dedicated sports hall. This is great space with huge potential for sport and is located near our other community facilities including our Training Café and Kitchen. The addition of a sports hall will broaden our range of services available to not only the disabled people we support today, but our local community too.

The new space will mean we can:

  1. Provide new and exciting sports over and above what we do now – including table tennis, aerobics and even boxing!
  2. Increase the number of sport sessions available – the designated space will mean we can provide more sport sessions within our local community.
  3. Support more people – more space, and more sessions mean we can support even more disabled people to access the benefits of sport!

How can you help

We need to raise a total of £100,000 for: new windows | electricity | heating | accessible toilets | specialist flooring | adapted equipment

Your donation big or small will play a huge part in making this a reality.

‘I play to win’ - Tom’s story

Boccia has been a huge part of Tom’s life since the age of 10, when he played in a local school competition and never looked back! Tom instantly fell in love with Boccia as compared to other sports he had tried, it gave him total control. Due to his cerebral palsy, Tom communicates with his eyes throughout the game to determine where the ball is placed. Unlike many other sports Boccia is easily adaptable to Tom’s ability.

Tom’s skills and love for the sport grows every day, with his Boccia club recently
taking 3rd place in the national league! However, opportunities to play Boccia are limited. Tom finds it increasingly difficult to find suitable and accessible venues to train and play the game he loves, with travel and support costs also acting as a barrier to participation.

However, with your donation our fully accessible sports hall will provide this much needed space for people we support including Tom to get involved; making sport for everyone.

Sport is for evertone - Donate now

*Sport England