Our supporters are amazing!
Together you've achieved so much...



hours worked by our supported employees in our social enterprise, providing employment and skills development.

More than 100

hours broadcast per month on Radio Enham by disabled people, enhancing digital skills whilst having fun.


people supported to access Enham's activities programme, enriching their lives and supporting their wellbeing.


Our story began over 100 years ago when nearly two million British soldiers, sailors, and airmen had been permanently disabled from war injuries during WWI.

Over 100 years later, we've now supported more than 250,000 disabled people from all walks of life to live, work, and enjoy life. Our charity and community is truly unique, but we’re only here because of our fantastic donors, volunteers, fundraisers and supporters.

We are #TeamEnham and together, we do amazing.

We call upon you - our valued supporters and friends

Without you, the barriers faced by the disabled people would be far harder to challenge and overcome. With your generosity, we’re aiming to raise £2,000 this Christmas and into the New Year to empower disabled people to live their life, their way!

Come the New Year, our service users will be able to looking forward to reaping the rewards your support will provide. Let's make 2023 a special one - together.

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"I have supported Enham Trust for over 25 years. Now I’ve retired I continue to volunteer and people ask me why. I tell them why not, it’s the best place on earth" - Liz Cosgrove, Enham Fundraiser and Volunteer


How can I get involved?

We're glad you asked. There are so many ways to show your support and make a real difference to disabled people's lives. Check them out:

 Make a donation

It's quick, easy and just a couple clicks away.

 Sign up to a fundraiser

There's no better time to think about making a New Year's Resolution now, is there?

 Attend an event

We still have plenty of opportunities to celebrate the festive season with us, whether it be buying you tickets to the upcoming Enham Christmas Concert featuring the Middle Wallop & Andover Military Wives Choir, or picking your very own Christmas tree straight out of the ground from our 20,000 strong Normund Fir tree field at our sales days.

 Showcase Enham on your social media

Short on pennies? We understand. Times are tough! Why not get involved by posting a picture of you and your loved ones demonstrating our campaign triangle gesture? Remember to use the hashtag #TogetherWeDoChristmas in your posts.


Whatever you do, just know how much your participation means to us and the thousands of disabled people we support.

Thank you.


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