Over the course of nearly 100 years, we have helped over 250,000 disabled people to live the lives they chose, as independently as possible. 

Explore our history with our heritage trails or our interactive timeline. 

Our heritage trail runs through the heart of Enham Alamein in Hampshire. Enjoy a level walk, reading our information boards as they weave together the historical features and stories of this fascinating village.

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The History of Enham Trust

This timeline was created using the opensource tool, TimelineJS, from Knightlab. Some dates on the timeline have been estimated.


1918 Britain desperately needed an innovative solution to help retrain disabled servicemen from the Great War and Enham was chosen to be the pioneering 'Village Centre'.

1919 King George V made the first donation, which enabled Enham trust to start supporting disabled people.

1921 First to offer training in a wide range of trades to people with disabilities.

1930s In the 1930s with memories of the Great War still vivid, many fundraising events were held to support the servicemen at Enham.

1940s Industries grew. Enham received £250,000 from Egypt - a gift to mark the gallantry of British forces at the Battle of El Alamein in WW2. The village was renamed Enham Alamein. Field Marshall Montgomery became a proud Vice President.

1950s Enham expanded, becoming the first disability charity in the country to accommodate a much wider range of disabilities.

1966 Enham became the first organisation of its kind to include female residents.

1970s A major modernisation programme expanded Enham's residential capacity and quality.

1984 HRH the Duchess of Gloucester, GCVO became our Patron.

1990s Enham launched the first scheme to help disabled people into self-employment, and introduced 'supported living contracts'. Accessible bungalows and 24 hour supported care homes were built.

2000s Enham further expanded its choice of living and care options. Direct Payments Services were introduced and learning programmes put in place to offer support for people with disabilities or disadvantages into sustainable work. 

2013 In 2013 we underwent a complete rebrand and emerged as Enham Trust, with a new look and logo to reflect our positive and ambitious outlook and mission to support disabled people to achieve their goals. 

Enham Trust is continuing to go from strength to strength and becoming a leading national charity.

To donate to the Enham Trust and be a part of our future, you can donate online or via post. If you'd like to volunteer or fundraise, we'd love to have you as part of the team working to break barriers and continuing to help disabled people to say 'yes' to new opportunities and to living life the way they want to.

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