Radio Enham gives disabled people a voice. Your donation can provide the opportunity for more people to find theirs.

Radio Enham is a trailblazing project and fully operating Radio Station run by 26 of our disabled clients. With the support of one employee, they generate and develop their own content, present live Monday to Friday and record for overnight broadcasting, as well as managing all the software and equipment.

Clients running Radio Enham experience far reaching benefits of being part of this fantastic project including increased confidence, skills development, therapeutic speech and language benefits and it also provides an essential outlet for creativity.

Clients have also gained qualifications and have been supported to complete an NCFE qualification Level 1 in Radio Production.

We rely on the generosity of our funders to keep Radio Enham running, we need your support to help more people like Sam:

Sam, 23 is involved in the technological side of running Radio Enham. Sam feels great benefits for his stammer through having the opportunity to talk every day and his self-confidence is growing.

"My life has changed so much since I came to Enham Trust. It took a long time to build up the confidence to speak live on air at Radio Enham, particularly as I suffer from a stammer. With the help of Radio Enham I have learnt to control my stammer much better and now I love being on the radio."

Sam at Radio Enham