We have seen our clients, like Alex above, make huge strides in their mobility, posture, fitness and wellbeing since we introduced physiotherapy services at Enham Trust.

We work with Hobbs Rehabilitation a specialist neurological provider that provide highly personalised support and therapy to our care home residents on site. Importantly they liaise regularly with resident’s care and support staff ensuring continuity of support after the therapy session – maximising results and progress.

Our residents receiving physiotherapy receive no funding towards this service - therefore we rely on the generosity of our supporters to offer this life changing service! 80% of our residents have reported an improvement in their general wellbeing and fitness and have a greater range of movement since they started using our physiotherapy services, your donation could increase this further!

The service makes an immense difference to those that access it – and this can be seen in Alex’s story.

Alex is one of the many clients here at Enham Trust that uses and benefits from the Hobbs Physiotherapy services. When she first started using the service her mobility was limited, however now she is able to do small walks by herself, and is making huge improvements.

“I have been over the moon with the progression I have made so far, I wouldn’t have believed that I would be able to walk alone this time last year, however with the fantastic help from the lovely Hobbs Physiotherapy team, I can now start doing that.

Going forwards in the future, I really want to be able to walk around my flat by myself, and looking after myself with limited or no help at all.

I would also like to work towards moving into Coopers Chase at some point, which is the next step forwards to independent living, and I feel with the support I get from Enham Trust, Hobbs and my friends and family, I can definitely achieve this.”