Our day activity group relies on your donations to run a range of activities, 7 days a week

In our activities group, called Choices, everyone gets the chance to take part. Activities are tailored to meet individual need and they provide opportunities for socialising, developing skills and getting active and building confidence and self-esteem, which can be tricky for wheelchair users.

Activities include:

  • Aerobics
  • Dance and drama
  • Archery
  • Gardening club
  • Boccia
  • Arts and crafts

Your donation could make a difference to people like Tom

Tom is 25 years old and attends Choices regularly. He is a keen player of Boccia, a feature in the Paralympic games and an up and coming sport in the UK. Tom first started playing Boccia when he was 7 years old at his junior school and it was quickly identified that Tom was an exceptional player.

“I just fell in love with Boccia as it gives me total control over the sport.”

Tom playing Boccis at Choices Activity Group

Due to the nature of Tom’s disability, he communicates play through the use of his eyes, which is indicated through looking up for ‘yes’ and looking down for ‘no’. When Tom is happy with the angle and direction of the ramp, which is adjusted by his teammate, he will communicate this. Tom will then hold the ball with his chin and release down the ramp when he is ready, in the hope that it meets with the white jack ball.

Tom is a very skilled player which has led him to playing in national competitions, something he really wanted to do. Tom has entered the ‘Heathcoat Cup’ and has competed in the group stages for the last two years. Tom is looking to enter again next year with the first-round set for January 2019.

Your donations could help Tom on his Boccia journey.

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